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About Us

Batterjee packaging system is a premier supplier of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic packaging including a wide range of plastic bottles, plastic jars, closures and caps for the packaging needs of personal care, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, nutritional, pet care, automotive and household products.



Why is PET a Sustainable Packaging Option?

PET has good barrier properties that protect and preserve the contents of its package. PET is a shatterproof, re-sealable, safe package option for both home and away from home applications. PET is approved as safe for food and beverage contact by the FDA; it is biologically inert if ingested, dermally safe during handling, and is not a hazard if inhaled.

Why PET Containers?

• Industrial, Commercial and Households • Nonbreakable • Transparent, Crystal • Does not get affected with food or pharmaceutical materials • The only material approved by FDA as safe for food • Does not get affected with surrounding climate • Light weight • Can be produced according to your needs and packing designs • Low cost and more production • Can be coloured • Safety in handling and transportation • Ideal for all kinds of food packing such as: pickles, cheese, honey, olive oil, butter, mayonnaise, grains, spices, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, and many other foods and pharmaceutical items.

All computerized controlled with exceptional capabilities.

Our highly experienced design team can offer on design optimization, or even create completely new design in accordance with our costumer’s requirements.


Manufacturing Process


In the standard blowmoulding process a warm plastic parison (hollow tube) is placed between the two halves of a mould cavity and air pressure forces the plastic into the precise shape of the cavity.

Injection Stretch Blowmoulding

In this process a plastic preformed PET component is formed by injection moulding on the machine. This preform is then stretched and blown into the container shape using a separate mould.

Injection moulding

In injection moulding molten plastic is forced from a heated cylinder under pressure into a cavity of a confined mould. The part is then cooled, solidified and removed.

Injection Blowmoulding

This process bridges the gap between blowmoulding and injection stretch blowmoulding providing scrap-free production of containers with an injection moulded neck finish.